Our Ciders

Check out the different hard ciders we have to offer!

At any given time, we have seven to ten craft ciders on tap.

All of our ciders are naturally gluten free. Additionally, they are all fermented to zero residual sugar meaning zero carbohydrates and that all calories come from alcohol.  Any perceived sweetness comes from added fruits, acidic balance, or non-glycemic pear juice.  The alcohol by volume (ABV) of our ciders varies from 7.1% to 8.5%.

Our lineup includes five standard ciders, a few seasonal ciders, and a limited supply cider which we introduce to see if you, our cider enthusiasts, feel like it deserves a place of honor among the Seasonal Ciders or even the Standard Ciders. We call our limited supply Kilderkin which means small barrel or cask.

Our five Standard Ciders are:

Seider – This traditional cider is made from a combination of 16 heirloom apples. 

Wee Geordie – This hopped apple cider uses Citra and Chinook hops which are typically found in West Coast IPAs.  The aroma is that of an IPA, but unlike beer, the cider is not bitter. We call this call this the gateway cider for beer drinkers. Many non-cider drinkers have been won over by this unique flavor.

Blurberry – This blueberry apple cider is crisp and delicious.  It also boasts a lovely reddish-purple color and looks lovely in the glass.  

Ciara – This black currant apple cider is enhanced with pear juice which makes it a bit sweeter. It has the perfect balance of sweet and tart. 

Pear Snaster – This caramel pear and apple cider was once a seasonal flavor. It was so popular, we had to make it a Standard Cider. 

The Seasonal and Kilderkin Ciders rotate, so come by and see what is on tab in those categories.  We are confident that there’s something for everyone to enjoy either by the glass or flight in the tasting room, by the growler or 500ml bottle to take home, or both.